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Children often have multiple diagnoses and medical conditions that require numerous solutions. When searching for an enclosed bed, do not settle for equipment that will not meet all of your needs. When patients receive appropriate equipment, matched to meet all of their needs, it can make a great difference in their care, comfort and medical condition.

KayserBetten beds offer a wide variety of features and options to meet all of your child’s needs.

The Ida bed is our medical bed and accommodates the non-ambulatory patient. Unique features provide for; medical machines, positioning needs, patient access, transfers, monitoring and care.

The Hannah bed is our tall rail bed and accommodates the ambulatory or mobile patient. Unique features offer safety and allow independence. The Hannah offers options to meet medical needs and sensory needs as well.

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It may be time for an enclosed bed, if you have an ambulatory child with special needs, you have exhausted your options and your child is still not safe. Certainly, the least restrictive environment is always best, however if your child is still at risk for falls, injuries or elopements and you have tried it all, consider an enclosed bed. Timing is critical and the risk for injury may be high while exploring less invasive strategies. Parents usually know immediately if an environmental modification or protector will work. Other times, modifications work for a while and then suddenly – overnight the option can no longer be considered.

Parents typically explore a variety of options first. These options may include; a crib, play pen, baby gates, co-sleeping, mattress on the floor, monitors, alarms, parent sleeping in the same room, physical restraints, locks on the doors and windows, child tracker, medication, sedation, removing contents from the bedroom, bells attached to the door and parents taking turns staying awake throughout the night.

If you believe it is time for an enclosed bed to keep your child safe call, we are here to help you.


KayserBetten beds offer features that are desirable for children who have epilepsy.

Enclosed rails and tall rails offer boundaries to protect children from falling out of bed during and after a seizure. For the ambulatory child, the tall rails also prevent the child from leaving the bed during the night and seizing outside the safety of the bed.

Open rails allow for air flow to prevent overheating for children who have febrile seizures or difficulty regulating their body temperature. Open rails also allow the caregiver to monitor the child since they can easily see and hear them due to the superior design of the bed rails.

Head elevation & articulation offers positioning for children at risk for vomiting and aspiration.

Padding is available to protect the child during seizure activity or from injuries due to drop seizures.

Height adjustment allows access for crisis care and administration of rescue medications at an ergonomic height.

Many children who have special needs, sleep on a mattress on the floor. Often times, professionals even recommend a mattress on the floor. However, for children with medical or safety needs, a mattress on the floor may not be an appropriate option.

Ambulatory children who have poor sleep and do not have the cognizance to stay on a mattress, are at risk for injuries from falls, wandering, PICA, climbing and elopement.

Children with medical issues; who require boundaries, head elevation / positioning, assistance with transfers and access for care, may be at severe risk for injuries. If attached to medical equipment, injuries often occur when the child rolls off the mattress and disconnects. Head elevation and positioning needs cannot be met or maintained for respiratory support or comfort. Transfers are difficult from the floor and caregivers must lift the child up off the floor.

The floor may have a higher level of dirt and allergens, may be drafty and is closer to spiders or even scorpions (for families who reside in the southwest.

Angelman Syndrome Special Needs Bed

Children who have PICA are at severe risk for choking, poisoning, injuries and even death.

Supervision is required 24 hours a day. Caregivers must be diligent, with a watchful eye and a super human ability to stay awake. Despite their best efforts, many children still ingest non edible items.

KayserBetten Hannah beds protect children by offering boundaries that eliminate the ability of the child to seek and eat non edible items.

Tall enclosed safety rails and climb out protection keep the child safe during the night.

The beds are made of solid natural beech wood with no fabric, vinyl or mesh material to chew through.

KayserBetten also offers a mattress with a durable cover for children who pick, chew and eat their mattress.

Angelman Syndrome Special Needs Bed

Is your child too big for a crib but still requires an enclosed rail? KayserBetten Hannah Beds are your perfect solution for safe, comfortable beds for children who require added security. Most children transition easily from the crib to a Hannah bed due to the similarities in design. If your child is pulling to stand, ambulatory or climbing, but does not have the cognizance to be safe in the crib, Hannah may be the right choice.

Plus, Hannah Beds are designed to give your child the independence he or she deserves. Independence is important for children with special needs, and all KayserBetten Hannah Beds offer a low 18.5” threshold to allow for safe transfers.

  • Hannah offers an 18.5” threshold for independent entering and exiting
  • A safety rail height of 53” to protect from falls and injuries
  • A stable design to withstand bouncing or jumping
  • Wooden rods to allow the child to see out and offers good airflow
Hannah inside-padding

The KayserBetten Hannah bed may work well for children with Angelman Syndrome. Many children who are diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome require boundaries and have seizures, low muscle tone, poor sleep and a strong fascination to water. The Hannah bed is designed with features to meet these needs. If you have a child with Angelman Syndrome, call for information.

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Elopement is a common problem for many children who are ambulatory, have a cognitive impairment and poor sleep. Children may be at risk for injuries when they elope in the night. The Hannah bed offers boundaries to prevent the child from leaving the bed and is designed as a high rail bed. Climb out protection across the top is also available for added security. Call for more information.

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Keeping your child’s enclosed bed clean is important, for the health of the child and maintaining a well-functioning bed. Keep bed linens clean and disinfect the bed when soiled. Spillage from medication, enteral feeds or body fluids need to be cleaned as soon as possible. After cleaning or disinfecting, allow the bed to air dry completely before use. Pay attention to other items in or near the bed, such as toys, stuffed animals or medical equipment.

KayserBetten beds offer a unique door system that opens on vertical hinges for quick and easy access. Caregivers appreciate the design and functionality of the door system, which improves the time and effort needed to clean the bed.

The Ida bed allows complete access to the interior of the bed for ease of cleaning and bedding changes. The ergonomic height of the mattress prevents back strain. The area under the bed is also accessible for cleaning dust and allergens from the floor. The solid natural beech wood is sealed for disinfecting and easily wipes clean.

The Hannah bed also allows complete access to the interior of the bed. Caregivers can easily step inside the bed to reach all areas for quick easy cleaning. Open rails allow air circulation to dry the bed quickly.

A clean bed is essential for children with special needs. KayserBetten beds are easy to clean and maintain with minimal time and effort, by design.